Cleansing Salad

January 2012 Newsletter – Detox!

Download our January 2012 Newsletter with tips on cleansing by Dr. Allison Bachlet and a recipe for Miso Clean! detoxifying soup here.

otsuji purslane

Purslane is the New Kale

Kale has been everyone’s go-to superfood ever since word got out that it can prevent cancer, cellular inflammation, and perhaps a zombie apocalypse.  Kale smoothies, baked kale chips, raw kale ...

Kale Smoothie

Drink Your Greens

Our Green Earth smoothie has more customer modifications than it does ingredients.  No juice, sub water.  No sweetener.  Extra sweetener.  Extra Kale.  No banana, sub strawberry.  No papaya, sub strawberry.  ...

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New Menu Coming Soon!

(Photo borrowed from Honolulu Weekly!) Where have we been?  In our deli and home kitchens, reworking our menu like culinary editors–discussing the syntax of dishes, diction of ingredients, the story of our food.  We plan to incorporate customers’ favorite specials from months past; to make more menu selections gluten free; and to create outstanding new […]

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March Newsletter

Click image to download our March 2012 Newsletter!

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New Specials!

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Celebration of Chocolate!

Enter our Cocoa Head contest and win a $300 shopping spree at Kale’s Natural Foods!  Swing by the store and guess the number of cocoa beans in the Cocoa Head before 10am on February 11th.  Closest guess wins!

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Sprout, There it Is.

Unlike attending “Speed Dating: Ex-Con Edition”–sprouting is a low-risk, high-reward activity that is simple, fun for the whole family, and will result in a living food that nourishes both mind and body.  If starting an edible garden intimidates you, sprouting is a perfect gateway to growing.  Before you know it, you’ll be staging a Food […]

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Can words adequately describe our December 10th Carrotmob?  Much like describing the work of Dali or Beethoven as “genius”–one must experience their oeuvre with every available sense in order to vaguely comprehend such genius.  Yes: our Carrotmob is exactly analogous.  From our carrot-costumed deli team; to Tamara from KYA Sustainability Studio–a carrot-on-the-loose in Hawaii Kai […]

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chocolate mochi

Mochi Madness!

Local Poi and Apple Banana Mochi (vegan) Okinawan Sweet Potato Mochi Our cult following of mochi lovers means we bake a fresh batch of mochi every day. Call us at (808) 396-6993 to: (a) ask about the flavor(s) of the day (b) ask us to reserve a piece–or 10 (c) request a flavor, place a […]

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Cranberry Kale Salad

Welcome to Kale’s Deli!

Local Cranberry Kale Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette We are a small deli with big DIY ambitions, located in the back of Kale’s Natural Foods in Hawaii Kai Shopping Center.  We bake our own foccacia bread very literally by hand; swing by Otsuji farm for local produce; and in between mochi and hummus making run out […]

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